Indonesiaaa :)

First off this is my favorite country I have been to by far! There is something indescribable that makes me just so drawn to it, probably the food haha. Now with this trip I tried CouchSurfing for the first time. For those who don’t know what this is, CS is basically you find someone to get you their couch for free and it’s a very trusted website so you can tell who’s sketchy and who’s not. When I was in Jakarta I stayed with a 35 year old woman, sadly she was working the entire time I was there but she helped me find her friends that wanted to travel with me. Yes it sounds kinda bad, but I ended up having a great time!

Once I got to Jakarta, I met with my host and this Dutch girl who my host thought was me! This girl didn’t plan on staying in Jakarta but just because I was here she did :) So that night something pretty funny happened. My host lived right by a mosque, so at 5am I hear this big man voice which is so loud reciting the muslim prayer. I had no clue what it was it pretty much terrified me! I also ran into a cultural mis-hap. The shower literally had a tub thing and a bucket. I had no clue what I was supposed to do so I did it wrong but I got a good laugh out of it! Hahaha

The next morning Ada and I went to Kota Tua which is this square full of museums. We headed to a bunch of really cool museums from how the Bank of Indonesia became what it is today and about Indonesian Puppet shows. These puppets are paper thin and super detailed. If you would like a visualization I recommend looking it up “Indonesian Wayan” 

The second day I spent at Taman Mini, which shows all of the traditional houses from all over Indonesia. We also did see a reptile museum which featured the komodo dragon, who of course is in a corner being fatter than ever. Then we headed off to MONAS which is the national monument which is  super pretty and very simplistic.  The third day I pretty much went to the National Museum and called it a day. 

I did enjoy Jakarta when I was there but as soon as I went to Yogykarta to visit my friend. I fell in love with Indonesia even more because I just felt right at place. In “Jogja” I was reunited with one of my closest friends in AFS. She lived in Whitefish Bay when I was a senior in highschool and left in 2010. So just knowing that I was going to see her was amazing, which it was even better! The first day we went up in the mountain to see this museum about Indonesian history mainly about the royals. But I also got to learn about the significance of the Indonesian fabric, the batik. Each pattern means something different and used for certain occasions. Super cool right?! After we went back I was still exhausted so I ended up passing out when my friend was in class. Then that night we went to Trevi’s friend’s house because Trevi’s room was two small for the 2 of us. There I met two other fellow Indonesian AFSers who went to Sheboygan and Vermont the same year Trevi was abroad! After a long night of talking we decided to head to Borobudur at 5am!

The temple itself told a very long story and was probably the best ancient architecture I have seen in Asia. Something about the temple just made it so breathtaking. At the temple I was literally the only foreigner there! So I got pictures with hundreds of people there because in Indonesia it’s a very uncommon sight to see a white person. This has been happening throughout my trip, I didn’t mind at first but after a while it gets kinda annoying. Later that evening another AFSer from New Hampshire and the one from Vermont and myself went to a ballet. It was actually really awesome because it’s not like your typical ballet in the US. They played lively music and some of them even danced pretty violently (based on their characters). The story was about a man and a woman get married than the woman gets kidnapped and then the man faces obstacles to get her back. Yes this sounds like your typical fairytale but this was indonesian! 

The next morning we went to this insane market and got some clothes :) then we headed to another ballet but it didn’t really tell a story. Started to down pour and then we called it a day.

On Christmas my friends surprised me by decorating the room with lights, it was so adorable. Even had a christmas present from my friend and pancakes :) Headed to the spa and paid $2 for a shampoo and a massage. Then headed to Pramaban Temple, which earlier I mentioned going to the ballet. This ballet takes place outside this temple when it’s not in the rainy season. And the temple the story of the ballet is carved into the the temple as you go around. Headed to the mall and watched Silent Hill and then called it a night because I had to leave the next day :(

Leaving Jojga was hard, especially with my friend but I just found it so homy and wouldn’t ever mind going back for a longer period of time :) 

to all my followers yes i have become really lazy updating my blog…i literally have a folder with 200 pics that say “need to be uploaded on tumblr” eventually i will get to it but for now i will just have my tumblr remain uneventful 

Visa App is doneee :)

So today I just finished my visa application to Thailand and got my acceptance letter in the mail from Mahidol University :) 

Not only did I get that done but I came to realization that I’m leaving in less that 50 days! Which can only mean I will be starting another chapter in my life and lemme tell ya I have been waiting for this ever since the day I got back from Italy. 

Since my first entry, I have done just a little bit research about Thailand but nothing too major considering I’m working 6 days a week this entire summer -.- And I still have not learned any Thai so I should probably get started on that soon.


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